How Do I Change The Default Dollar Sign To a Different Currency?

Hello, I do not want “Buy Now” button, so I disabled Marketplace plugin. But now all listings are showing prices in dollar by default. How do I change this to other local currency of my choice, please? I have looked around, I have no clue what to do. WooCommerce is not set to dollar.

Also, it seems the Marketplace plugin only places the “Buy Now” button on the site. Apart from that, I see no other major changes when I removed it. What other advantages does Marketplace plugin offers apart from adding “Buy Now” button?



Please refer to this doc How to change the currency symbol - HivePress Help Center

This extension allows you to build a marketplace of fixed-price services or digital downloads. It integrates HivePress with WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce plugin, by creating a hidden product for each listing and calculating the vendor’s earnings on sales.

It’s also integrated with other HivePress extensions. For example, you can install the Messages extension to allow vendors and buyers to communicate via the order page.

It works. Thanks.

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