How do I change what is showing up for requests?

I am seeking an answer on how to customize what shows up in the “Requests” previews.

Below is what is currently showing up:

Below is what is in my form:

I would like to have only the “Title” and “Planning Budget” show up in the preview. Ideally, I’d like the planning budget to show up with the title “Planning Budget” (example: “Planning Budget: $200”.

Can you please advise how I can customize this preview?

Please try this PHP snippet. Please change your_attribute_field_name in the code snippet on the attribute field name for which you want to make these changes. If you are not familiar with the code customization, then please consider hiring someone for custom work

		// Hide attribute in the request block.
			$attributes['your_attribute_field_name']['display_areas'] = ['view_page_primary'];
		// Change display format for attribute
			$attributes['your_attribute_field_name']['display_format'] = 'Planning Budget: %value%';
		return $attributes;
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