How do I create multiple listings in a theme

In the ExpertHive theme, only experts can create listings, and only the expert listing have the features I need, such as showing the listing categories in the UI.

In the Requests, the categories, sub-categories, attributes don’t show in the UI, making those values unusable to a user.

How do I create multiple directories/listings in a theme, and how do the categories show up properly in the UI on the listing, so not only vendors can create listings with categories, but other personas can create listings with categories as well?

Thank you

Please consider using different listing categories for this purpose, this way you can keep different listing types within the same directory (with different category-specific attributes). If there features are required for requests (those are like listings but added by regular users, while vendors can reply with offers) we plan to add category-specific attributes in the next Requests update.

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