How do I edit the requests form?

How do I edit the requests form? I’d like to add additional fields as well as update the current existing fields. The image is the form that I am referring to.


You can add fields to the requests submission form in the WP Dashboard > Requests > Attributes section.

thanks - but that doesn’t appear to work. Below is the requests form.

This is what is shown on the attributes page. I attempted to add the “Desired Budget” field, but nothing came up. Additionally, the existing fields aren’t there to be edited. Can you advise on what I should do?

Please make sure that you marked this custom attribute as Editable, then it’ll appear in the front-end request form. It’s possible to adjust the built-in fields, but this requires a code snippet, for example Search · user:hivepress request field · GitHub

Thanks. I was able to setup the attribute I wanted to add in the form (see first screenshot below). However, when checking the link that you provided, I did find a code snippet that enabled me to hide fields, but not one that enabled me to make fields editable. Ideally, I’d like to edit them in the same spot that I added the new attribute (see screenshot below). Can you please provide this snippet?

Please let me know which field you want to make editable, the custom attribute from the screenshot seems to appear in the listing edit form already (attributes appear in the front-end form when they are marked as Editable, code snippets are not required in this case).

For requests, I recommend using the built-in Budget field, if you just want to rename it to “Desired budget for trip” please try using Loco Translate How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center

Thanks. I would like to change the “Description” field.

Please always share as much detail as possible, this way we can resolve issues (or at least suggest a workaround) with a single reply. Let me know which changes for the Description field you mean, e.g. its label, max number of characters, height, enabling formatting options for it?

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