How do I edit the vendor account page

The current vendor account page seems hardcoded, and uneditable in a UI. Is there any place to edit the UI?

I’d like to change the UX to add a button to jump to the add listings page from the Dashboard

Our current problems in order of priority.

  1. there’s no UI for a vendor to preview or see what their account/profile looks like to customers eg. Settings + listings

  2. there’s no UX for a vendor to add more services, from their account/profile - they are forced to login again from the top navigation, which is a bad UX

  3. in our site, vendors don’t get paid through the site so I need to remove the revenue chart from the Dashboard and instead to add the following to the Dashboard
    a. all active (and archived) listings
    b. all requests the vendor has ever responded to
    c. all the requests the vendor received directly from customers

  4. In our site, vendors don’t pay, so I need to remove packages from the page

What are our options, some of this is quite problematic.

Also, in wordpress, I cant see a vendor’s relationship to their listings - I should be able to see what the vendor has entered in the UI.

Thank you

Yes, it’s possible to customize any HivePress template via the API Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube or the Templates UI feature (it’s in Beta at the moment) Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube

  1. Thanks, we’ll try to improve this - currently it’s possible if they navigate to any listing via My Account/Listings and click their profile in the listing sidebar.

  2. If the current user is logged in there should be no login form when the Add Listing button, if it appears please try disabling third-party plugins - this may be caching issue. The Add Listing button is available on any page so it takes 1 click if a user decides to add a listing. We’ll consider duplicating this button in the dashboard page.

3, 4. Please try disabling the Paid Listings & Marketplace extensions in WordPress/Plugins section and all the package-related and revenue-related features will disappear automatically.

Thanks, we’ll try to improve the UX by adding listing links to the back-end vendor page. Currently it’s possible if you view listings in WordPress/Listings section, if you click on the vendor name in the Vendor column then only listings from this vendor will be displayed.

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