How do I remove the "reject" button

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How do I remove the reject button?


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, and it would require a custom implementation, for example - a CSS snippet. But please note, if you hide this button, then the option to book the request will be useless because the vendor will have only one choice - to accept, it will be the same as not including the request at all.
Without the reject button, the reservation will always be in the pending status in your account.


Sorry where do I find the “reject” button? I’ve been trying to search around to find the button again but I forgot where to find it within the website.

Thanks for all the help!


This button appears when you have a booking request enabled.

If you are no thoroughly familiar with WordPress, please consider hiring someone for assistance, you can also go through all the settings in HivePress/Settings to make sure that all functions are correctly configured for your site.

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