How do the messages work?

How do the messages work ?


If you enable Messages, then by default there are possibilities to send messages for listings and for vendors. But if the HivePress Marketplace extension is activated then there is a setting Restrict messages to buyers in HivePress/Settings/Orders which hides all the Send Messages buttons and links and leaves them on the order and booking pages only. So if you mean the problem when vendor block does not have a message button then please check this setting

Hi @yevhen I think there is something that is not right with that function. I chose the option to restrict messages to buyers. However, even after the buyers made the payment, vendors cannot get in contact with them, vendors receive the message: “Only users of the service can send messages”.

How to fix this? temporally I deactivate the restrict message option, but in the long term I definitely need to restrict the messages only to the ones who make the payment.


In the current version, the message button on the order page shows only if an order has Processing status. But we’ll consider adding Completed status to show the message button in the future versions

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