How do we change the order of registration emails

When people register, they first receive the successful registration email, and after that, they receive an email verification email.

This makes no sense.

First a user should receive an email verification email.

Then, after verifying their email, they should receive a successful account creation email, with a link to their account or the main site URL.

How do we change the order of emails that Hivepress is sending out? This is confusing and people are ignoring the email verification, and questioning that there’s even basic site security.

thank you

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If email verification is enabled then there are 2 emails since the email verification one has a different content and the verification link (we decided to add an extra email instead of overriding the existing registration one automatically). There’s no way to change this order because there’s no API hook for this, please consider disabling the registration email in HivePress/Emails (by overriding it with an empty email) and changing the Email Verification one text to use it as a welcome & verification email at the same time.

When i go to hivepress emails, no emails show…nothing. Why would that be?

HivePress/Emails is empty by default because this page is used for overriding default emails from HivePress and its extensions. If you want to override such an email please try to add it here and try to make changes by your requirements

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