How do we get the API endpoint to sumbit listings and also post a request?

I checked the hivepress Api and the only available endpoint is the:

  1. listing
  2. user
    3. Attachments

My first question is how do we get the api endpoint to sumbit listings and also post a request? and also have a request API and experts API just like the lisiting API.

Secondly, i saw this post where said all the forms on hivepress have endpoints but they’re undocumented. it will be nice to make them available. here

No reply? Please @ihor @andrii
Also if you can help with messages API and rating APi

I’m sorry for the late reply. Yes, many endpoints are not documented yet but if you’re familiar with PHP you can check the listing REST API endpoints here You can check other controllers in the same way.

The listing submission has no dedicated REST API endpoint yet, there’s the “update_listing” one but you can always use the default WordPress REST API as a fallback (listing is a custom “hp_listing” post type).

We will try to add the 100% REST API coverage in future updates.

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