How does Payout work?

I am struggling with how the Payout request is done/made by the Seller to me? During our testing, we clicked the “Deliver” but that did not seem to do anything. Where does the Seller go to request a payout? I am expecting there to be a “Payout Request” button on the page for that specific listing.

Also, when we do the Payout, does the payout happen from HivePress to Paypal direct, or, do we need to log into our PayPal account and issue the payout that way? This is the last hurdle we need to address before we launch. We added PayPal as a payout method, but there was no means of entering our account details, etc.

Thank for your help! We are close and excited to launch our new site using your solution!

If you have the order delivery enabled, it should work this way:

  1. User pays for a listing or an offer (if it’s a request), a new order is created.
  2. Seller delivers the order (e.g. via message attachments if it’s a file), clicks the Deliver button.
  3. User accepts or rejects the delivery (asking for a revision this way).
  4. If the delivery is accepted (via the Complete button, clicked by the user), the order gets the Completed status.
  5. The amount of the completed order is added to the seller’s account balance (minus the commission fee).
  6. Once the balance reaches the minimum amount (this can be set in HivePress/Settings/Payouts section), the Request a Payout link appears under the balance (in My Account/Dashboard).
  7. Payout requests appear in WordPress/Payouts section, with Pending status.
  8. After you manually process a payout request (e.g. sending the amount via PayPal), admins can change its status to Publish, this means that it’s processed and it’ll appear in the payout history of the seller in My Account/Payouts.

We also plan to implement automatic payouts, most likely via PayPal or Stripe.

I have the box checked for “Require manual delivery”. Is this correct per your “order delivery enabled” comment?

Per the third point, In our testing, I have not yet seen the option where the Buyer is able to accept or reject delivery. Is this sent via email?

I have a feeling that we are missing a configuration as we can get as far as points one and two.

Yes, if you checked this option then sellers have to mark orders as Delivered (using the Deliver button). Then customers get an email notification (Order Delivered), they have 2 buttons on the order page - Complete and Reject. Please try testing this via 2 different user accounts, if you use the same seller account then some customer-only buttons may be hidden.

hi @ihor, when do you plan on implementing stripe for automatic payouts? The manual payout is very hectic as the volume increases. Thank you!

Sorry, there’s no ETA yet but this feature has a hight priority. You can share your feedback here (e.g. which method is required for automatic payouts, we’ll probably add PayPal & Stripe first) Automatic payouts

Hi @AirsoftDad ! Did you solve it? I have exactly the same problem you had. I am testing and I am stuck in point 3 forward. I have enabled the require manually deliver, but nothing change. Still there is no Botton from the Host perspective to “deliver the order”.

Can you @ihor explain me what is wrong?


It is now working for us. Only after the Listing is purchased, from the Dashboard, when you click on that applicable Listing, there should be the “Deliver” option to the right of the “Contact Buyer” button.

Does this help?

Hi dear!

Thank you so much for you quick reply. No. I do not have those bottoms, neither the contact buyer nor the deliver bottom. It would be too much if I ask you to share a screenshot of screen recording on how does it looks like?

Thank you!

Sure. It looks like this in our configuration.

Super Useful!

Thank you so much, I struggled to find it at first but yes, it is there :slight_smile: Very appreciated :slight_smile:

Happy to help. The HivePress team has been super helpful to me and I am glad I was able to give something in return. :slight_smile:

Yes these guys are amazing :slight_smile:

I do have another question for you. The screenshot below is in Spanish. but I still cannot figure it out why those services still say processing even if they where already paid and “delivered”. It will change when the costumer accept the delivery?

and if so, how do you deal when costumers simply do not confirm the delivery even if they received it??

While marked delivered by the Seller, are they market received by the Buyer?

Not yet. So, when the buyer marked it will be processed right?

and if so, again, how do you deal when costumers simply do not confirm the delivery even if they received it??

also I noticed that the number of the booking is different to the number of the order do that happen to you as well? As below: booking #734 and order #735. Shouldn’t be the same in both cases?

Our site setup and context is different than yours. that said, there is a setting/option where the Buyer has x-number of days to accept from the time it is marked as Delivered, before the system will do it automatically. A payout cannot be requested until either the Buyer accepts or the system accepts the delivery.

@AirsoftDad how did you customize your receipt?

I hired an outside resource to do the final tweaks we required; items that was beyond configuration, and that needed code changes. Some changes were done with snippets, others were completed by going into the CSS.

Thanks my guy!

Happy to help. The resources I used I found on Codeable. A bunch of Wordpress expertise there.