How exactly should I set up Woocommerce for ExpertHive?


In the video tutorials for setting up ExpertHive, you are told to install the WooCommerce plugin to accept payments, but that is where the guidance ends.

Firstly, what option should I choose in the WooCommerce setup/sign up you are taken to immediately after you activate the plugin, particularly in the ‘Product Types’ step/tab? Can I leave it as physical products or do I need to choose something like ‘Bookings’ which is over $20/month?

Secondly, is there any really key parts of the setup on the Wordpress admin side after I have done the initial WooCommerce setup that are essential for the WooCommerce to work with ExpertHive? FYI, the business model is to charge a commission on each sale of a service.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


If you need to set up commissions, payments, or payouts, please check these docs:

For all other settings, I recommend referring to documentation or WooCommerce support.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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