How is the future looking?

Hey. So, I can’t help but notice there has been over two months without any updates or fixes, and I am wondering what the future holds - and if development has stopped for some reason?



Kind of feeling the same way. Initially, I was very encouraged by the responsiveness. But, things seem to have slowed down substantially.

Maybe it’s because of their new service - customization, less time for developing.

First of all, thanks for using HivePress and I really appreciate the trust. We don’t plan to abandon it and the idea is the same, a “swiss knife” for building any directory/marketplace website.

I’m really sorry for this delay - we were having organizational issues (like every growing startup), so the development slowed down. For example, recently we registered a company in the EU and there were many organizational tasks regarding this. Now we have a pretty stable team, so I’ll be able to focus on the development full-time - it’ll speed up for sure.


Awesome, looking forward to it!

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