How refunds work

Hi all.

How do you set up vendors processing refunds with the RentalHive theme?

I saw that you can manually process the refund as admin. But how does this process work if the vendor has already withdrawn their funds? Do you then have to claim a refund from the vendor? It would be great if there was just a vendor to customer refund process to eliminate admin involvement.



Refunds are processed manually (so the admin would have to take some action if the order is canceled). If the Allow disputing orders setting in HivePress/Settings/Orders is enabled then it is possible to rename the Dispute link to e.g. “Dispute or Cancel”, this way users can ask you to cancel their order & make a refund. To make a refund, please change the order status to refunded and make a payment via a preferred way (e.g. back via PayPal if the order is paid via PayPal). Some payment methods may also support automatic refunds so just marking the order as Refunded may be enough WooCommerce Refunds - WooCommerce

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