How to add description to guest field

I understand how to obtain the functionality of searching above or below a set number within the default main search bar.

I’ve searched all over the community trying to find a solution but I can not seem to find the answer.

Originally I found this, which help direct me to a better understanding:
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If you have the Bookings extension and features like multiple bookings per time period and time slots are disabled, you can add Dates to the search bar in HivePress > Settings > Listings > Default fields.
Also, if multiple places per booking and multiple bookings per time period are enabled, you can add the Guests field instead of the Dates field.

To add a location, you need to install the Geolocation extension ([How to set up Geolocation - HivePress Help Center ].

You can delete the Keywords field in HivePress > Settings > Listings > Default fields."

However, when I follow this, and the others like it, it never produces produces a “guest” type default field. I can use the places default field in this manner. The issue with doing so, is when someone visits my website, and they see “places” as the suggestion to write, they have no idea that is means “number of guests” for example.

Im not sure if I have a bugged version or what, i am running listinghive with all addons. But I can not get the “guests” default field to appear with any configuration as suggested throughout posts here in the community. And like stated, the places default field works perfect, but no one but me will understand what it is for. Even from the listing form side of things, those listing will not know that “maximum places etc” means “max number of guests”. Same holds true for the minimum side of things. They will have no clue that “minimum number of places” means “no less than this number of guests”,

If I could change the wording, from places to number of guests, or something relevant, that would be great.

Edit: ive tried making custom attributes as well and adding them but the end result is a search for a spefic number. It does not provide a range to include or a up to amount or a above this amount. So anything different than that set number is ignored within the function of the search.

Please help.

Tale care


You can change these strings using the Loco Translate plugin: How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center. To add a description to the guest field, you will need a custom implementation. If customizations are required for your site, please try customizing it using the collection of code snippets Search · user:hivepress · GitHub and other developer resources, or consider hiring someone for custom work

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