How to add Filter and maps and vendor on a specific page as a widget

I have got 2 pages as categories:

  1. Brides
  2. Groom

How can I add Filter, search (I can see the widget in dashboard), Map and Vendor widgets in these pages?

Also I want to restrict photo upload to only 1 per listing. How can I do this?

Hi! If you use ListingHive theme, the filter form (sidebar) will displayed if you mark any attributes as “filterable”. If you build your website from scratch, search for HivePress blocks, and place vendor search form, or listing search form, into the desired position.
For the images restriction, you can use >this< code snippet. Don’t forget to change this: = 123 to 1, and remove the “<?php” from the start of the code.
# How to add custom code snippets

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