How to add information / text to "Complete Profile"-page

I have alot of vendors who seem to not understand how the flow of adding a listing works. When they click “Add Listing”, as expected they need to complete their vendor profile first. However, not everyone understands that after they do that - they need to add the actual listing.

I would like a way to add a textbox or some kind of information on the Complete Profile-page to explain this to the users. Any ideas on how to do this?


You can add a “textbox or some kind of information on the Complete Profile-page” in two ways:

  1. By going to the WP Dashboard > HivePress > Templates and create a custom template for that page (with all the necessary details you want to add);
  2. Code customization.

But if i create a template for that page, does all the fields still show up automatically? Because i couldnt find any block to add in the template with “Complete profile”-fields specifically.

If you create a template to override the Complete Profile page please select the “Add Listing (Profile)” template for it. Once you select it and save changes, there will be template-specific blocks for selected template, e.g. the Form block that shows all the fields automatically, to re-create the default template you can use these blocks:

  • Page Title
  • Form

Here’s a sample screencast that shows how to create a template to override the Listings layout completely, it’s possible to follow the same steps for the Add Details (Profile) template Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube

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