How to add more input fields to Payout Request Form?

Per the attached, beyond the amount, and method of the payment request, we would like to add additional input fields, that are required, for additional information. Is there a snipped available for this?

Unfortunately there’s no such feature in the current version, it’s possible to add fields with a code snippet but saving them for payout, and displaying them on the back-end require further customizations. Please note that payouts are not per-order and payouts are not linked to orders (they are based on the total user balance at the time of the request), asking for specific order details may not be possible because sellers will not be able to distinguish orders related to the current payout request and the previous ones.

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I understand. From a fraud perspective, what is the best way to confirm that a payout should be given? While someone has a balance, that balance could be bogus, right?

In the current version the best way is probably checking Completed orders made after the date of the last payout request (if it’s not the first request), if you enabled Delivery then sellers added tracking codes or other proofs to the Delivery Note and if you view any order in WooCommerce the order notes are displayed in the right sidebar. Also, if you enabled Delivery then orders get the Completed status only if customers confirm that everything is ok (by clicking the Complete button) or the number of days set as the auto-completion period is passed after the seller is marked the order as Delivered.

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