How to add pricing tiers

Hello, the option to add extras will be used but what it does is add the price. For example, if the listing price is $5 and you add an extra at $7, I have to pay $12 and I understand this very well. But what I need is for buyers to choose between a service that costs $5, another that costs $7 or another that costs $10, so at checkout if I select $7 I will only pay $7, if I select $10, I will only pay $10. Currently, if the ad costs $5 and I select $7, what the system does is add, resulting in $12, but what I need is for it not to add it, only for them to be able to choose a price and pay the price they chose.


Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available for the Bookings extension, but we plan to add it in the next updates.

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