How to add requests attributes

Hi, is it possible to have the telephone number or an e-mail added to requests and request where the requesting user prefers to be contacted?

e.g. if I choose to be contacted by phone, the seller who responds to my offer will be able to see the phone number after responding to my request.
Thanks in advance


I recommend using request attributes for this, you can add them in WP Dashboard > Requests > Attributes.

Hi @andrii , Perhaps I have not been very clear. I would like a certain attribute of a request to be visible to sellers only after they have responded to the request, is this possible?


Unfortunately, there is no such feature, it will require a custom implementation.

Ohu that’s a shame. is it possible to at least show it only to sellers and not to all users?


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation. But as a workaround, please check this topic: How do I hide "Requests" from non-Vendor accounts?

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