How to add taxes

so ive followed woocommerce guide on how to set up taxes, and i see no change in the listing prices. or im not supposed to?

how do i add the vat at the order payment, and overall into the price itself


The commission is taken from the service price (e.g., if a service is $100 and the commission is 10%, a vendor will get $90, and a platform will get $10)

The “taxes responsibility” depends on your country’s requirements. Some marketplaces pay VAT on behalf of the sellers. If you want sellers to pay VAT for themselves, then it should be included in their balance. To do that, go to the HivePress > Settings > Vendors > Selling section and enable the “Include taxes in the balance calculations” option.

So, if you don’t enable the “Include taxes in the balance calculations” option, then the site owner will have to pay all the taxes for their sellers. If you enable that option, then sellers will have to pay taxes on their own.

Hope it helps.

In my country the customers pay for the vat, its included in the price for example you pay for the rental + vat
For example rental for night is 100$
Vat is 17%
Commission is 5% for example
Final price the Customer needs to see in the end 100$ + 17$

At the end of the day it needs to be 100$ +17$ -17$ -5$

How do you giys suggest i tackle this situation

Cause by law the prices at the listing needs to be vat included and not shown at the end


We recommend that you view the tax information on the checkout page itself since you are most likely viewing it on the listing page, where this information will not be displayed. Also, please note that taxes are implemented in WooCommerce; HivePress just adds multi-vendor features to its orders (by implementing commission rates and payouts), so please check their docs about setting up taxes as well Setting up Taxes in WooCommerce - WooCommerce

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