How to be able to change the Stripe Connect accounts on vendors?

Good morning.

I have been testing the Stripe Connect and forgot to put in the live key. All of my vendors have now registered under the test key and there is no way to change that. How do you go about to change the Stripe account linked to the vendor’s account?

Please try this PHP code snippet.

Please change put_vendor_id in the code snippet on the vendor ID, which you can find in the browser address bar between the words ?post= and &action= when you open the vendor settings in the Vendors/Vendors section in your WordPress admin panel.

Also, please change put_vendor_stripe_account_id in the code snippet on the vendor Stripe account ID, which you can find in the vendor account in Stripe.

Please just refresh any page of your website to activate this code snippet. Please repeat this action for each vendor which you want to change

		update_post_meta(put_vendor_id, 'hp_stripe_id', put_vendor_stripe_account_id);

But please note that it can require additional changes and testing. If you are not familiar with the code customization, then please consider hiring someone for custom work

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