How to Book Recurring services

Hi some clients would like to book recurring services, and I would like to know how to configure this. Thank you!

Please let me know which extensions you’re using, e.g. Bookings, Requests, Marketplace. It’s possible to set a recurring billing period for listings (with the WooSubscriptions extension), but there’s no such option for requests yet.

Hi Ihor,
I dont understand what you mean by which extension i’m using. I currently have all the extensions on the platform.
How can i set the recurring billing for listings on woocommerce?

If you mean booking services via the Bookings extension (with Marketplace & WooCommerce installed) unfortunately there’s no way to enable recurring billing in the current version - each booking blocks a specific date range or time slot in the calendar. If you use Marketplace without Bookings (to sell services without a calendar) then it’s possible if you also have the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension.
Hope this helps.

Ihor I have bookings extension

If you use Bookings unfortunately there’s no recurring billing option in the current version, bookings always have a specific start/end date and only this date range (or a time slot if time slots are enabled) are blocked in the calendar.

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