How to change 'register'-link in login form to custom link

Is there a possibility to change the link behind the ’ Don’t have an account yet? ‘register’-hivepress block? Now it shows a general pop up but I want to use a custom registration form and the ‘register’-button should redirect to that page. This because I need to approve the users based on more information than what is given in the hivepres-registration block

How can I change this?

It’s possible, but this would require customizations, if replacing the “Don’t have an account yet” link is enough this can be done by copying this template part to the child theme folder and then editing the URL in the source code hivepress/user-register-link.php at master · hivepress/hivepress · GitHub

Sorry but where do I change the URL in that code? the code from your reference link is the same as the one that is already in the child theme folder of the taskhive template

if you already copied this template part to child-theme-directory/hivepress/user/login/user-register-link.php please try changing #user_register_modal in the code to any custom URL.

Thank you! it works

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