How to change the permalink for my listing categories

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I know that this is a wordpress topic but I do not know how to change the permalink for my listing categories.

At the moment the link looks like ?post_type=hp_listing?s=&_category=79

But there should be /Achtsamkeit instead.

This is the title of the category.

What is the right field to change this permalink in the WP settings and what is the right placeholder?

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Most likely, you sent us the URL after pressing the search button. If you visit the category page, you should see the correct URL (e.g., site-sample/listing-category).

Also, you can change the permalinks in WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks.


the url looks like this at the moment ?post_type=hp_listing&latitude=&longitude=&_region=&s=&location=&_category=79

I tried to change the URL with permalink but it does not work.

The Url should be
Titel form under Listings - categories is Achtsamkeit

What is the correct setting in Permalinks so that the url is automatically the title of the category?

Hi, - This is a search link, it cannot be changed through Settings > Permalinks (it contains various parameters such as location, region, category, etc.)

Permalinks change the URL of specific pages, such as Listings, Hosts, etc.

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