How to change time slots to days


Guys, I use the RentalHive theme, it is very poorly implemented booking, namely the price for booking.

I use this theme for tourist destinations. There are suppliers who place tours for 1 day, and there are 7-day tours.

The problem arises with Turks lasting 3 or more days.

For example, the duration of the tour is 7 days, no more and no less. I create an ad, set the duration, and when the guest chooses the booking dates, the price of the tour is multiplied by 7 days, and then this cost is multiplied again by the number of guests. Why is this done so? How to fix it?

Secondly, why is the price multiplied by the number of guests not displayed without a connected marketplace? How to fix it?

Why should I specify only minutes when the time interval is enabled? Why not make hours, days, weeks, months?

I’m already starting to get disappointed in the purchase, and I don’t want that


Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, the calendar may not be suitable for tours in the current version, because tours usually have a specific (or a few) dates when they occur. Unlike properties or goods for rent, where all the days are available by default and vendors manually block out unavailable dates.

We plan to add the inverted calendar mode where the calendar is blocked by default and you specify available dates (instead of blocking dates). In the current version, there may be a workaround if you disable Bookings and just use Marketplace, the tour dates can be indicated in a separate custom Date attributes, this way customers can view the tour dates and pay a flat price for the tour (so there will be no multiplication by days).

Hope this helps.

OK, I disabled the booking plugin and enabled the marketplace plugin. But where can the Host view the contents of the order in his personal account?

I made a tour order from a supplier from a simple account. So there is an orders tab in the user’s account, but it does not appear in the supplier’s account. Also, the statistics panel does not display the number of orders, as well as the amount of orders.

This partially helped. But now there is no date selection window when buying a tour.

Please make sure that the order has Processing status, vendors only see orders in Processing, Completed or Refunded statuses. Processing status means that the payment is successful so the order is confirmed, but not Completed yet.

Yes, with the Marketplace workaround multiple date selection per tour may be an issue. We’ll try to add tour-specific features to Bookings as soon as it’s possible.

Thank you, the problem was precisely that the order on hold status was automatically assigned. I fixed it and all orders started to be displayed as the correct status was set. Well, I solved the problem with the choice of dates by adding date type fields to the woocommerce checkout fields.

I have a new problem. In HivePress / Settings / Orders, I checked Manual delivery required. The delivery button appeared in the supplier’s account, the order, but nothing happens when you click on it. The page is not updated, it does not go to another page, the order status does not change, and therefore the buyer does not receive any notification that the supplier has started to fulfill the order. What did I do wrong?

Please share more details about the issue, do you mean that the modal window with the Deliver button appears on click, and then the page it refreshed, or the confirmation modal window doesn’t appear at all?

Delivery is useful if vendors must provide some online service (e.g. creating some digital product), they indicate this after sending the product to the buyer, and buyer has a specific time to accept or reject the delivery. The button indeed refreshes the page but it should add the green checkmark badge next to the order status (it shows “Delivered” if you hover on it) and also notifies the buyer (make sure that outgoing emails are set up, e.g. using YaySMTP).

Exactly, the modal window does not appear at all.

Please make sure that this user has at least Contributor role in WordPress/Users (if this vendor user has been created manually). You can also open the JS console (via CTRL+Shift+I) and check if there are any JS errors when you click the Deliver link.

Hi! do you have information on the date of the booking plugin update? It’s been almost a month!!!

Sorry for the delay, we’ll try to release it as soon as it’s possible. This is the next update in the queue so we’ll release it in any case.

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