How to charge companies for listings instead of (freelancers/vendors) Experthive theme?

I am using the experthive theme.

How do I
(a) require that companies create accounts in order to access vendors (freelanceers)
(b) limit and charge companies for “request” packages
(c) charge companies a % of contract value

I don’t want to charge vendors (freelancers) to list their services or charge them to work.

I contemplated renaming “vendors” which are linked to “listings” to “companies” with “jobs”, which would then let me use the theme’s built-in “listing packages”, but I can’t succeed with this approach because the “offer” process starts with “vendors” and this wouldn’t make sense if I were to rename “vendors” to companies.

My future state, which I want to accomplish using the experthive theme:
Must register to add requests and to get access to vendors (freelancers), due to global privacy laws. Companies have static profiles and pictures. A company profile is associated with custom categories and tags that I create. Companies have 1+ users. Companies buy packages of requests. Companies can pay to feature their requests. Vendors (freelancers) submit offers. Companies pay a % commission when they pay a vendor (freelancer) for deliverables and the final contract. Companies rate freelancers (vendors).

Vendors (Freelancers)
Must register to create their profile, due to global privacy laws. Freelancers have static profiles and pictures. A freelancer profile is associated with custom categories and tags that I create. Freelancers have 1 user. Freelancers don’t pay to use the theme. Freelancers submit offers. Freelancers complete work. Freelancers rate companies.

Sorry, there’s no way to 100% implement the workflow you described in the current HivePress version, it has 2 user roles:

  • regular users (those searching for services and posting requests)
  • vendors (users with at least 1 listing and a front-end vendor profile)
    If I understand correctly, companies use your site to post requests and get offers from freelancers, please consider using regular users as companies and vendors as freelancers. Please note that regular users don’t have the front-end profile pages, only vendors (freelancers) do.
    There’s no option to monetize requests yet, but you can charge freelancers for adding listings or making them features. You can also charge a commission on the freelancer side (via the Marketplace extension), or buyer (company) side by adding a custom WooCommerce tax and naming it like “Buyer’s fee”. In this case please also exclude taxes from the balance calculations in HivePress/Settings/Vendors section.
    Hope this helps.

Thanks much ihor. Looks like I’m going to need a developer, as charging vendors is a model that won’t work for me. Is there a Hivepress developer network where I can find someone?

Sorry, I can’t recommend a developer (we plan to launch the HivePress Experts program though), but if you find a WordPress developer via Upwork or Fiverr I can provide some guidance on implementation if this helps.

Thank you ihor

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