How to connect listings to listing-region pages

I want to have pages for different geographic regions that display listings located in those regions but I can’t figure out how to make it work.

In Hivepress > Settings, under Geolocation, I checked “Generate regions from locations,” which says it will “create a page for each region.” However, when I go to Listings > Regions, no pages have been created. Adding a location to a listing does not generate a listing-region page.

I can create a region page manually via Listings > Regions, but there is no place to enter geolocation information there and no relationship seems to be established between the Region page and the locations of various listings. The listing-regions page that is created always says “Nothing found.”

Also, when I am editing listings there is no way to select a region in the same way you would select a category, so I can’t make the association manually either.

How can I create region pages that display listings in a specific geographic region?

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First of all please make sure that you put the correct API key for chosen map provider in HivePress/Settings/Integration section.

If you have enabled Regions in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Geolocation section then once you change the location for some listing or add a new listing, regions should be generated in Listings/Regions

I believe I have my Google Maps API set up correctly*. At least I get no error when filling in the location field in the listing entry form, and when I start to type in the field a dropdown appears below with search suggestions apparently provided by Google. Also, maps render perfectly on listing detail pages.

After I enabled Regions in Hivepress geolocation settings, the Regions option appeared in the menu right after Categories, but when I go there it just says “No regions found” next to the form to add a region manually.

  • Edit: I opened Google Cloud Console and confirmed Geocoding, Maps Javascript, and Places APIs are all enabled.
  • FYI, It appears I’m having the same issue as in this Bug Report: Regions doesnt generate even when activated except they’re using Mapbox and I’m using Google Maps

Please check this topic How to assign Region to Listing | HivePress Support

But please note that if you remove HTTP restrictions for Google Maps API please limit API quotas instead in case someone tries to use your API key on their website. Another option is using Mapbox, it is a public API key that does not require setting up billing

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