How to customize template category page?

Hi, could you help me customize category page? I saw the manual and i created template, selected “listing category” and inserted my block (screenshot is attached). But nothing has changed.

I’m trying remove gray block on category page. Make view of category page the same as main page.

Unfortunately there’s no way to customize this header via HivePress/Templates, it’s defined by the theme. You can hide it via CSS tweaks but I’m not sure how it’ll affect SEO.

Thank you. So, this means that i need to customize the theme template file of category page? Does it work with ListingHive theme? I imagine how to customize usual template file of category posts.


Yes, it works with ListingHive theme. Please check this doc How to customize templates - HivePress Help Center

Hi, yes, i saw the doc, and did it. You can see in my topic, that i changed category listing template, and nothing happened. As i understand this How to customize templates - HivePress Help Center works for regular WordPress page. But i need to customize category listings template.

Currently there’s no separate template for categories, they are considered the “Listings” page the same as the search results and All Listings page, but with an extra header that shows the category title and description. You can customize this header, but this requires overriding template parts via a child theme.

Thank you, what is the name of the template file of this header? At what address can it be found?


You can find this file along this path theme-directory/hivepress/listing-category/view/page/listing-category-header.php.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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