How to customize templates

Hello team,

Do you have a doc or topic about customizable templates? We don’t know which template the customization corresponds to.


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Please check this tutorial Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube.

We saw this video.

But do you have documentation explaining which pages can be modified?

We are trying to customize templates, but we can’t find that page is changed!

In addition, with the translations it is complicated to know what we are modifying.

Would be nice to have all the examples on your docs How to customize templates - HivePress Help Center


Sorry, there’s no other tutorial at the moment. Still, it explains the main ways of customizing HivePress templates.

Also, If you’re familiar with PHP customizations, please check this tutorial Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube It’s possible to customize HivePress templates by overriding blocks via hivepress/v1/templates/ hooks or by overriding the template parts via a child theme.

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