How to customize the Vendor Search Form?

I would like to include the Vendor Search Form in the menu, but I am not able to edit the form height and the button colors. Here I attached the image for four references, kindly provide the solution.


It’s possible to embed it in header, but this would require customizations via a child theme, if you’re familiar with customization basics please try using a simple search form instead (with 1 text input and “s” name, and 1 hidden input with “post_type” name set to “hp_vendor” value). You can copy the HTML markup from the theme’s searchform.php file to start.

I am not familiar with this, could you please guide me to fix this?

Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, embedding a search form into the header, styling it and testing it with mobile layouts requires some customizations. I can provide some guidance, but if you don’t have theme customization experience please consider hiring someone for custom work

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