How to enable deposit without it refund

Hello, I want to rent apartments. When the customer sees a total price of 900 euros, I want him to pay around 300 euros by bank transfer to confirm his order. Then, on the day he collects the keys, he’ll have to pay the remaining 600 euros.

Bonjour, je souhaite louer des appartements. Lorsque le client voit un prix total de 900 euros, je souhaite qu’il paye environ 300 euros par virement bancaire pour valider sa commande. Puis le jour où il recupère les clefs, il devra payer les 600 euros restants.


Unfortunately, there is no such possibility, we have only the following deposit function available How to add a security deposit for bookings - HivePress Help Center

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hi, solution is to make “direct payments” and take 30% commission from the host/ Like that, custom pay 30% on line and the rest he will pay direct at the appartement

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