How to enable personal requests


We are building a platform that connects musicians with costumers that are looking for musicians.

We build the site with Hivepress - Rentalhive

We are looking for a buttom that makes it possible for both parties to make an costum offer, this should make it possible to type an costum price, date and a message. This Buttom must work with the backend of hivepress so that both parties can accept, decline or make a counteroffer.

We are currently using Woocomerce and Stripe as our payment method, but we require that this custom buttom should be able to work with any payment method that works with Hivepress.

I will attach a picture where we want the buttom to apear.
We will also be required to have the possibility to translate the text in the buttom with Locostranslate (Plugin).

Does anyone know someone that Can help or that are interested In helping.


If I understand you correctly, please navigate to HivePress > Settings > Requests > and enable the Allow sending personal requests feature; then, any user will be able to send you a personalized offer on the vendor page.

​I hope this is helpful to you.