How to filter number of guests with exact and similar matches

Hello @ihor and @yevhen.

I have the following question I somehow have trouble solving:

I want that a guest can select the number of guests in the filter form and see results that offer exact matches and similar matches.

I am currently using a Max. Guest filter with a number range. The problem is that it confuses the guest. They are used to simply choosing a number of adults, children and animals.

The problem: The results show ONLY the exact match (let’s say a guest searches a space for 4 guests and the filter displays listings that offer room for 4 guests - a number set by the vendor).

A listing that offers room for 6 guests, must be however also be included when searching for 4 guests or 5 guests.

How would you set up the attributes in order to collect the information from vendors and display the attribute in the filter?

Thank you!

Unfortunately there’s no such feature yet, but you can try adding custom attribute to indicate the capacity per group (e.g. adults, children) while setting the common capacity in the Guests field.

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