How to find all available apartment for my dates

Good day. I would like to buy your theme. But I can’t understand the next question. I want to rent an apartment on a specific date. How do I find all available apartments for my dates? Or do you have to open every apartment and look in the calendar? I didn’t find it search option on your demo
Is it possible?

Yes, if each listing is a unique bookable item and it can be booked by a date range (e.g. if these are apartments) you can enabled the Dates search in the search form so it’ll be possible to search listings by the available date range.

Can you send a link to see how this is implemented in your Theme. In your demo version we couldn’t find it… Or ready website created with RentalHive. Thanks in advance!
There is no option to put the date (to find avalible apartment on my date)

Please check if the Dates option is available for selection in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Search section Screenshot by Lightshot It may be hidden only if multiple bookings per date range are allowed, or time slots are enabled. If you select this option, the Dates search field will appear in the search form.

Hello! I am having the same issue. I have enabled multiple bookings per date range and enable time slots but I still do not see the date option in the search field.

If the Dates option is selected in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Search and still it does not appear in the search form then please send temporary WP access via email to with a link to this topic and any extra details that may help detect this issue, and we’ll check it. You can send a temporary admin access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

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