How to hide fields in add listin form

Hello! I am in the process of simplifying my listing submission form. I am looking to hide the majority of the sections from the vendors (it is too complicated for some), so how would I go about finding the label IDs for each section to add code snippets to hide them from the front end? I will be adding the required information on the backend before I publish the listing.

For example, this is a piece of a snippet for the description section of the listing submission form. I need to know how to find the other ID’s like the [‘description’] in the example.

if ( isset( $form[‘fields’][‘description’]

Is this something I can find in the Developer view in google chrome?

Here is an example. I have circled in red the listing sections. I do not want these exact labels, I just want to know how to find all of the labels so I can hide the ones I want.


To understand their names, you need to view these fields through the inspector: Chrome DevTools  |  Chrome for Developers
For example, the category field name is “categories”.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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