How to implement fixed buyer commission and packages for requests

Hi guys,

I know you’re working on this, but since I don’t know when this feature will be available as an extension I need to hire a developement team for this. I’m just a little curious, if this will conflict with future updates. These are things they will develop:

  • Set commission rate and fee for customer / user just like it’s working for vendors
  • Make packages available for users / requests just like for listings

Is there anything to note that I should share with the developers?


I highly recommend waiting for the buyer commission feature, it’s almost ready. We’ll implement it via the hivepress/v1/models/listing/cart filter hook, adding a custom fee when a listing is being purchased.

Making packages available for requests has no exact timeframe yet so this would require custom development if it’s urgent, I recommend checking how Paid Listings currently work for listings (on GitHub). We’re working on an all-in-one monetization extension that will support this feature, though.


Hi Hhor, oh noooo. We already did it :smiling_face_with_tear: It’s a snippet, that runs and makes it possible to set commission fee and rate for the customer.

The packages will be coded until next week…

We’ll check the listing-functions on Github. Thank you though.

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The plugins

  • to add paid requests and also
  • a snippet to set commission fee & rate for customers

is ready and working fine for me.
Would you guys be interested in a cooperation or something?

Kind regards,

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If you developer(s) managed to implement this for HivePress please recommend them to join our experts program Experts | HivePress

Yes, if it’s ok you can send the source code via email to This may help us to deliver these features via releases, we will not copy the code since we must make everything 100% integrated with the HivePress framework but this may be helpful.

Hi Ihor, I would be super interested in hiring an expert long term for our project. Please let me know when you get an Airbnb like room booking expert.

Sure, if you’ve subscribed to our newsletter we’ll announce when first experts are listed, you can also check WordPress-related services on Fiverr

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