How to implement on Search the" days availability" like a calendar? As on Airbnb

We don´t know how to implement on the home page search a calendar filter, we can do it on properties, but we cannot on the homepage. For example, in Airbnb, there is a calendar day filer as you enter on it and we want to do the same. Anyone can help us? Thank you.

On wordpress dashboard click Hivepress > Settings > Listings.

On the search section you will see “Default Fields (optional)” click on the input field that I think just has keywords, when clicked more options will show with one being Dates. Select that and save.

Thank you very much mate
, but the default field just shows “Keywords and Categories”, how can I do to implement “dates” with them?
I show you above:

I have the rental hive theme maybe you have a different one. I am not support or theme developer, that is just how I did it on my website. Sorry.

Hi. Add a listing attribute.

When on edit attribute, pick it to have dates. Make it searchable. It should then appear in search bar

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Please let me know if you enabled time slots or multiple bookings per time period for bookings, the date availability search is not available for these booking modes at the moment, but we plan to integrate this. If there are simple date-based bookings the Dates field should appear in the list.

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