How to import listings from ICS

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I am using HP as an event listing site and want to automate some of the workload so looking at doing regular ICS calendar imports. Does HP have any built in feature to import ICS and maintain listings/sync/create new?

If this doesn’t exist, would custom support/plugin be an option I could get quoted for?

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This feature is already available, but you need the Bookings extension, please check this doc How to sync availability with other calendars - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thanks for that, I took and look and think it may not be exactly what I am after.

I am wanting to create new listings based on ics contents. Each calender event should be 1 new listing being added and published. Maybe if an existing one exists then it can be updated too.

I had an idea but unsure if it will work.

Find out the HP keys for my listings/custom post

Find matching ICS fields

Use Python to write a script that converts ICS to CSV with the correct keys matched up

Import CSV as listings into HivePress?

Any thoughts or ideas? If the Booking plugin can do what I want, would glady buy instead of reinventing the wheel

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I see. If you need to create listings based on external ICSs, you will need a custom implementation, as our extension does not have this functionality. We recommend adding this functionality to the HivePress extension if you write custom code or use a child theme to store it.

I see. How would I engage you guys to help me implement this whilst providing safe access to my instance?

Would like to seek a quote for the works. Many thanks team

Actually would the Import Extension work?

Convert ICS to CSV (on desktop) and then use (HivePress) extension to map the CSV fields with the custom post type keys. My main concern is if there is any logics for updating/overwrite existing listings and how images will work. Plus if a field is mandatory but missing from CSV, would I be able to post anyway and add manually.

Any free trial of 30 day refund so I can give it a test run? Many Thanks


Unfortunately, we are currently not accepting new customization requests, so we cannot help with this implementation. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you if this will work correctly, as we tested it only with created CSV files. Also, unfortunately, we don’t have a trial version, so we can’t provide you with one for testing. However, you can purchase this extension and return it within 30 days from the date of purchase if it doesn’t work for you.

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