How to improve the profile of the service requester?

Hello guys. I speak from Brazil and I have some questions about HIVEPRESS, mainly about my business model. I’ll try to explain:
I’m setting up an exclusive freelancer site for bars, restaurants, hotels and event producers. On this site I will hold meetings between workers (waiters, bartenders, cooks…) and the owners of the establishments. Well, I need to create the profile of the establishment and another profile for the worker. I realized that when creating a profile, it can be both for the worker and for the person posting the vacancy. My intention is to have two different profiles, one for the company that is advertising the vacancy and the other for the worker that wants to advertise his job or apply for the vacancy. It’s possible?
I need this mode because I intend to work with assessments in both profiles. The worker will be able to evaluate the establishment, saying if it was well treated, if the establishment is pleasant. And the establishment will be able to evaluate the worker, if he arrived on time, if he worked correctly.


The functionality you described is possible, but the only thing missing is profiles for regular users (those looking for a job). There may be a workaround if you make all users vendors on your site by enabling Direct Registration, vendors can list services (add listings) and they still can post requests (and wait for offers).

Hello how are you? Sorry, it’s still not very clear. I wouldn’t want all users to turn into vendors. The establishment must have a profile where it can only post a vacancy or look for a worker to request its service. The worker must have a profile where he can apply for vacancies that establishments post and post what jobs they do. The idea is to have two different profiles, and one cannot interfere with the other. A worker cannot post a vacancy and a company cannot post a service.

Yes, it’s possible, but currently there are 2 roles:

  • regular users (those searching for services and posting requests), they don’t have front-end profile pages yet
  • vendors (those listing services, and making offers to posted requests), they have profile pages and you can add custom profile fields for them

So you can choose which role to use for workers/establishments. For example, if you use vendors as workers they can listing their services (by adding them as listings) while establishments (regular users) will be able to search services or post jobs (requests), and workers will be able to reply with offers or contact establishments via messages. The downside is that establishments will not have front-end profile pages in this setup, only their names and profile image will be visible.

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