How to link to the registration page?


How can I link to the registration page instead of the registration modal?
I know this is the link to the sign in page: Sign In – RentalHive
Is there a page with the registration form?

Thank you

You can create a custom registration page in WordPress/Pages, and add the User Registration Form block to its content, but replacing all the other links set to the registration modal window would require extra customizations.

That‘s more than enough. Thank you!

I’m not able to create a registration page in Elementor. I place the widget on the page and when I open an incognito tab to test it is blank.

If you added the User Registration Form block to a custom page, please make sure that you saved changes and that you’re checking this page as a logged-out user. If this issue persists you can try using a shortcode instead:


and for me to customize a form with more fields how do I do it? I already tried with Jetengine it doesn’t work.

this shortcode doesn’t work in elementor

Please make sure that you have correctly put this shortcode and please make sure that you check the page with this shortcode as the non-logged-in user. It was tested locally and it seems to be ok

Please note that JetEngine is a standalone directory/marketplace plugin and it may conflict with HivePress, using both plugins duplicates all the directory and marketplace features.

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