How to make the file upload optional and add description

I am attempting to setup my site to enable users to be able to sell free-lance consulting services as well as sell digital guides/downloads. How do I change the “File” field to be optional as well as add a description so that users know to upload a file if that is what they’re looking to sell?

After the purchase is completed, will the file be immediately able to be downloaded by the user?


Please try this PHP snippet (How to add custom code snippets - HivePress Help Center):

	function( $attributes ) {
		if ( isset( $attributes['attachments'] ) ) {
			$attributes['attachments']['edit_field']['required'] = false;
			$attributes['attachments']['edit_field']['description'] = 'custom text here';
		return $attributes;

Yes, after purchase, the file should be immediately available for download. Let us know if it is not.

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