How to message a host before approving their listing?

What’s the best way to message a new host about their listing before approving?

For example, there might be some back-and-forth moderation needed before the listing can be approved.

Same thing if the listing will be rejected. It would be nice to inform the host before they receive a cookie-cutter template email that states their listing was rejected.

I know I can disable the automated emails by creating the Hivepress email and leaving the body content blank. Then I could send more customized messages. But how do I actually send that message? Through the WordPress admin somehow?

why you do not message the host via message as administrator user account? I know it is not ideal, but can work maybe…


Please try manually sending a message to the user’s mail or via messages.

That’s a good suggestion using the messages extension, but I don’t believe that works until the listing is active. I tried previewing a pending listing and sending a message, but the send button just spins and doesn’t actually complete the action of sending the message. So you can’t message a user if their listing status is pending review.

The other suggestion of finding their email address is not ideal because:

You lose the ability to track and monitor sent messages through WP or hivepress if you’re just sending a direct email from gmail or another email host

You lose the ability to use a html designed template that matches the rest of our email templates and default to a plain text email. Looks less professional.

And perhaps more importantly, it’s very complicated to find an individual user’s email address when you have hundreds of users in wordpress. (unless there is a simpler way??)

  1. Edit the pending listing
  2. Scroll down to listing settings to find the host’s name
  3. In the Wordpress admin sidebar, click “Hosts”
  4. Search for that host user and hope that nobody else has the same first name (because that’s the default host permalink created)
  5. Click into the user, scroll down to host settings to find their Wordpress username
  6. In the Wordpress admin sidebar, click “Users”
  7. Search for the host’s Wordpress username that you found in step 5
  8. Now you have their email address

Yes, if there’s no vendor profile yet sending a message may not be possible, so currently sending an email is the only way. We’ll try to improve the moderation process, at least by adding a link/button to message the vendor via the pending listing page.

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Thanks @ihor

In the meantime, I have created a custom woocommerce template so I can use the woocommerce Orders “note” to send a message to a host before their listing is active. It’s not ideal because after the first message is sent, the customer will just respond via a plaint text email and the message won’t be saved like the hivepress message center emails. I suppose I could always introduce a help desk system to manage the emails, but for now this works.

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