How to overwrite the primary request attributes template part

Hi there!

I’m trying to add some customisations to a site build with Experthive theme and a bunch of HivePress plugins.
The thing I want to achieve is to add a ‘Send Request’ button (similar to the one on the Vendor’s page: Listings by Michelle Hunter – ExpertHive) on the Request page (Need a few electrical repairs – ExpertHive) - below the ‘Make an Offer’ button.
I have figured out that the content on the Request sidebar is rendered by the ’ HivePress Requests’ plugin, and mainly the ‘hivepress-requests/templates/request/view/page/request-attributes-primary.php’ template.
Therefore I’m trying to do my customisations using a child theme. In the child theme I’ve replicated the template structure like this: ‘/experthive-child/hivepress-requests/templates/request/view/page/request-attributes-primary.php’. But no matter what I change in that custom template from the child theme, the changes are not taken into account.

Currently the development is happening on a localhost.

Could you please help me understand why the child theme’s custom template is not working as expected?

Also if you guys have a better solution/advice for how to add the ‘Send Request’ button on a Request page,would appreciate if you could share that with us.

Thank you.


Please try replcing this path “hivepress-requests/templates” with a single “hivepress” folder:


So basically the “templates” folder is named “hivepress” within the theme folder so the plugin detects the files there and uses them instead of the plugin ones.

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Thank you Ihor!