How to pay for a listing without having to create an account to register

I have 2 types of customer: vendors and buyers. The vendor has access to the whole site, and the buyer has access to only part of it. He can buy and track his purchases, but he can’t add an ad. How do I do this?


Unfortunately, users cannot pay for listings if they are not registered. Yes, we have two types of users, a buyer and a vendor, so unfortunately, it is impossible to add a buyer with the same rights as a vendor, then the division into buyer and vendor would not make sense.

This is exactly what we want, but unfortunately the buyer has access to the attributes of the “vendor” profile by clicking on the “add ad” button.

Is it possible to display the “add ad” button only when logged in as a vendor?
for your information, marketplace and booking extensions are installed

I am not sure if this is correct though. There is a guest checkout feature where users can buy instant file download services without registering. The files will be sent via email entered in the checkout page. Am I incorrect?

Thanks but it’s for booking reservations


Unfortunately, it is impossible to perform such actions without registration.

If you mean that vendors should have a plan in advance so that they can see the Add Listing key, it is possible, but it will require a custom implementation.

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