How to put a deposit without it being cashed at the time of booking?

Good evening,
Can we set up a deposit system without it being collected when booking?


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation. Currently, the deposit works as described in this doc How to add a security deposit for bookings - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thank you for the feedback.

Yes I saw that you can add the deposit option. I haven’t made a real purchase. This is collected upon payment, do we agree?


Yes, the security deposit will be displayed under the base price and should be paid by users when they book listings.

All right, Well, it’s a hindrance for Savori’s customers who are cashed out immediately and it’s a potential loss of customers. I would really like to succeed in blocking a deposit without it being cashed at the time of booking but only at the end if there is damage to the accommodation.


Please provide more details on what exactly you mean by cashed and we will try to help. If you mean not debit the balance, but simply block it on the card and then unblock it, then unfortunately there is no such function, at the moment the deposit is paid and then returned to the client.