How to read messages betwen users & resolution center

Hi team,
1-How can I read private messages between Buyers and vendors? example, if I need to be intermediary in a dispute so I need to read and capture immage, any suggestion?

2-I want to offer guaranty that my platform will be the judge between buyer and frelancer if one part doesn’t keep his agreement and any part want to cancel…exist claim or cancelation area or pluging? you have any guide how to do it?

3-The example of cancelation process in Fiverr
Exist the way for RESOLUTION CENTER as Fiverr or I n eed to develop it?


  1. You can enable this feature in HivePress > Settings > Messages > Monitoring > Allow monitoring messages. Also, this topic can be useful Message monitoring

  2. If you have the marketplace extension installed, then the dispute form is available, you can enable this feature in HivePress > Settings > Orders > Disputes > Allow disputing orders.
    In this version, if a dispute is opened, the administration receives a notification by mail.
    Unfortunately, there is no such feature as discussing any issue in three.

1- sorry, I cant find where are the conversation between buyer and vendor…I have already enable before “Allow monitoring messages”, can send me a picture, sorry.

2-Ok I will try it, will inform.

Please check this after a few hours because monitored messages are cached for performance reasons. If you then check your own admin messages in Account/Messages you should see all the conversations made between users, not just you and users.

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