How to sync user details with WooCommerce customers

Presently, only products (listings, requests, packages, featured status) and checkout process of Experthive is integrated with woocommerce. How can we synchronise the users and vendors of experthive with woocommerce customers??


Please provide more details, do you mean to synchronize user details with WooCommerce customers? Or do you need to synchronize with specific fields only?

Hi andrii,

I would like to synchronize hivepress user details to woocommerce ‘customers’. With that I mean, Name, Username, E-mail id, Address (country, state, city, postcode). That would help me in providing individual discounts, provide credits to a specific customer (in case of job cancellation) instead of processing refund, etc.


I see. Thanks for your suggestion, we plan to add this in future updates. Also, please note that name, email and username are already synchronized with WooCommerce fields, and HivePress and WooCommerce use the same WordPress users, which are located in WP > Users.

I believe this will be useful to you.

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