How to translate attributes and pacts through polylang

Hello, I want to translate my site into several languages ​​through PolyLang, but I can’t figure out how to translate the name of the category and packages, please tell me if there is a ready-made solution for this ?, and if not, please give the name of the files and lines where I I can write the necessary functions for integrating the HivePress plugin with PolyLang

Unfortunately there’s no 100% compatibility with Polylang yet, if you have user-generated content (e.g. allow users to add listings) I recommend using an automatic translation solution because plugins like Polylang duplicate all the content for every language, and you’d have to translate listings, reviews, etc. because there are no front-end tools to allow users do this by themselves.

No attributes and categories will only be added from the admin panel, the user can only add a product, but also select categories and attributes for this product, I just need to be able to make versions of the category and attributes in different languages ​​​​in the admin panel, use machine translation for example as the GTranslate plugin is not an option, since I have the Armenian language on the site, and Google translate will translate the Armenian language very badly (there is nothing that is not clear, several times worse than I write in English), so you need to manually translate, is there any then a way to add the ability to duplicate categories and attributes for other languages, as for example is done on WooCommerce (with the PolyLang for WooCommerce plugin, this possibility appears)

Sorry, there’s no way to fully integrate Polylang at the moment and if you allow users to add products, they will probably enter the product descriptions and you would have to translate these for them manually.

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