How to translate the price format

Good afternoon community!

I’m trying to translate fields like the List to property button or the $/night attribute using loco transalate, but I can’t manage to do it. Could someone from the community help me?


Many thanks in advance!


If you use Bookings & Marketplace please check if this string is available in Loco/Plugins/HivePress Bookins, you can also check HivePress Marketplace. Strings may be in different sections depending on context.

thank you very much, the problem is that this is a simple translation. But obviously when I try to book a listing it still calculates it as a daily price and not monthly, what can I do to make the calculation monthly and not daily?

The calculation should be refreshed when you change parameters in the booking form (so the total price is displayed), but if you mean changing the basic price (daily, nightly or per time slots if you use time-based bookings) there’s no such option for monthly bookings yet.

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