How to update a product WooCommerce in a snippet

Hello everyone,

I search how to update a product Woocommerce in a snippet (like when we click manually on the button update in the panel admin). We use a snippet that’s fired when a new product is added to Woocommerce. The shipping class succefully updated but as long as update manually the product, the shipping cost are not included in the checkout.

Does anyone know why it does this?

Before clicking on update:



Let me know if you use HivePress Marketplace or there’s another solution? Our Marketplace extension is not fully suitable for physical products, since it generates Virtual linked products for listings (these don’t have shipping enabled), there’s no cart and front-end shipping features, etc. - changing this would require advanced customizations.

We are using Hivepress, Hivepress Marketplace and Woocommerce to receive payments. Automatically, when a user add a listing to our plateform, a product is created in Woocommerce. But when we click « buy now » in the product page, we can see the description of the price, but until we manually update the product via the WordPress > Woocommerce > products admin panel, it looks like the product is not “validated” and the shipping costs are not not noted in this description.

Yes, Marketplace generates products of Virtual type so shipping is not enabled for them, this extension is not fully suitable for physical goods. You’d have to customize it or manually update products.

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